The Importance of Stress Management and Relaxation

The Importance of Stress Management and Relaxation

Daily stress is considered normal in the day of busy schedules, technology, work, self-care, vacations, play dates, dinners, etc. Sadly, it’s unavoidable. Stress results from any change a person must adopt to, it can be positive or negative. We all live with life’s uncertainties, difficulties, aging, and the inability to fully control life events. It’s not always a bad thing, in fact it may be somewhat desirable in life, and it is part of the human condition. It is how a person responds to the event that will determine the power and impact of the stress.

As members of a progressed and modern society there are a variety of ways to cope with the negative effects of stress. Seek out a consultation from a physician, who can prescribe a number of medications which can inflict the remedy you are in search of. Some people will turn to food, drinks, or other substances to block out feelings of distress. A person can withdraw from the world by disconnecting from others and turning to games, television, gambling, or possibly the internet.

Stress management is not just about learning skills of relaxation, but it is about the learning how to recognize the positive and negative ones alike. For example attending a funeral is often perceived as a negative stress, but the purchase of a new home or getting married is usually a positive stress. Your mind, body, and emotions are interrelated and connected. Once you are able to identify what type of life stressors you are experiencing, you may find that certain tactics work better for you than others.

Some of you might be wondering why it is so important to reduce your stress if it’s considered a good thing. Here’s why:

  1. It can protect your heart. Stress often raises your blood pressure.
  2. It can reduce the chances of getting common colds.
  3. Boosts your memory.
  4. Keeps you ahead of depression.
  5. Relaxing helps you make better decisions.
  6. Can improve acne.
  7. Helps you manage your weight.
  8. Assists with sexual drive.
  9. Can improve confidence.
  10. Improved quality of sleeping

Below is a common list of relaxation methods.

  1. Talking about concerns to someone you trust
  2. Journaling
  3. Body Awareness
  4. Breathing Exercises
  5. Progressive Relaxation
  6. Meditation
  7. Visualization
  8. Self-Hypnosis
  9. Acupressure
  10. Listening to Calming Music
  11. Assertiveness Training
  12. Nutrition
  13. Exercise
  14. Stretching
  15. Laughing
  16. Sleep
  17. Warm Bath
  18. Take Breaks
  19. Counting Backwards
  20. Walking
  21. Aromatherapy
  22. Plan a Vacation
  23. Play with a Pet
  24. Make a list of triumphs
  25. Identify what you can and can’t control

There are several ways to relax, above is just some ideas to get you started. Be creative, and personalize it to meet your needs and lifestyle. Try to refrain from using addictive substances as these may further your stress.

If you feel like you have exhausted these methods with no improvement, it may be time to seek outside help. Give us a call or email to schedule an appointment at 303-353-9226 or You could be living with a dramatic decrease in stress TODAY!!!