Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT)

What is Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT)?

Rapid Resolution Therapy, also know as RRT is a relatively new therapeutic method developed by Dr. Connolly who also founded the Institute of Rapid Resolution Therapy located in Florida.  Over the years, Dr. Connolly developed and refined RRT into a very efficient and effective counseling technique that has helped numerous clients gain relief from depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma.   Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) helps free individuals from the painful experiences of the past and provides positive change both cognitively and behaviorally.


What is the premise for RRT?

When we experience traumatic events in our past, they can leave a disturbing imprint on our brain.  This imprint can then cause us to relive the feelings of this experience whenever we think about it or when we experience new things that might resemble the event.  For example, a veteran suffering from PTSD developed from witnessing live combat, might get triggered years later on the 4th of July by the sound of firecrackers.  Triggers cause our minds to think we are in danger which then causes our fight-or-flight response to kick in.  When this happens, we relive the feelings associated with the original trauma which can then become compounded over time.  Experiencing the trauma over and over can causes more trauma and can result in feelings of anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts, sadness, and other negative feelings that can interrupt the way we interact and function with life and with others.


How does RRT work?

As the counselor, it will be my responsibility to guide you through the RRT process.  We will work through past trauma in a way that changes the feelings associated with those events.  The RRT process involves using guided imagery, relaxation exercises, and interactive activities performed that will help the mind understand that these events are in the past and that no present danger truly exists.  The primitive or subconscious part of our brain sometimes confuses current events with the past.  RRT help the mind understand that what has happened in the past is not happening right now.

Going back to the veteran example, RRT would help his brain understand the difference between the past events combat and the current situation of fireworks are not one in the same.  RRT will also help the mind understand that the experience of combat remains in the past and that there is no life-threatening danger occurring right now.  When the mind understands the difference, it will reserve the fight-or-flight response for situations that actually warrant it.  For example, a past experience of rape will no longer cause a flood of emotions when reminded about the event; however, if she was to encounter a future situation of attempted rape, her fight-or-flight would kick in because danger is present in the here-and-now.  Essentially, RRT helps the subconscious brain better distinguish between the past and the present.


How effective is RRT?

I am a Level II trained Certified Practitioner of RRT.  I have utilized RRT with numerous clients and all (with the exception of one who did not return to report his results) have reported positive relief from the symptoms they were experiencing.


How long does RRT take?

The RRT session, itself, will last approximately two hours.  At Brightside Counseling Services, we will first set up an assessment session to briefly discuss and identify your symptoms, to provide an overview of the RRT process, and answer any questions or concerns you might have.  We will then schedule and conduct the RRT session.  We then schedule a follow-up session to review the effectiveness of the process and determine if any touch-up sessions are necessary.

Most clients notice a shift immediately.  Other might need a little bit of time for the brain to process the new way of thinking implemented into the subconscious mind.  It is not uncommon for clients to report a small shift immediately following RRT and then a greater shift is noticed a week or two later. As humans, we tend to notice when things are bad more so than when we are functioning normally in life.  This is part of the reason that individuals might need some time after RRT to make a proper determination about the effectiveness of this type of therapy.


If you could benefit from freeing yourself from the past, contact us at 303-353-9226 or edmonds@brightsidecounseling.net to schedule your initial assessment.

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