Individual Counseling

When you start therapy, your therapist can help you clarify what’s not working in your life. Specifically, your therapist can help you understand:

  • The scope and impact of your presenting problem
  • Your beliefs about the presenting problem
  • The skills and knowledge necessary to achieve your goals
  • The kind of person you aspire to be in order to build the kind of life you want
  • The kind of changes you want to make
  • The kind of life you want to build
  • Your blocks to becoming the kind of person you want to be

Individual counseling is direct, active and personal. Therapy focuses on increasing your awareness, adjustment and understanding of yourself. It can help you identify the most effective ways for you to personally achieve your desired goals for where you are in life right now as well as provide you the tools to cope with difficult situations that come along the way. Counseling is nonjudgmental support that helps you feel at ease while helping you through life’s difficulties. This means that you are able to talk about your feelings, emotions, thoughts and behaviors that could be troubling to you. You being here on this page is a great start to finding a counselor who is right for you.