Megan Strauss

Megan Strauss, LPC

Megan Strauss is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) whom is licensed to practice clinical mental health counseling in her native state of Colorado, as well as in Nevada. She attended Denver’s own nationally recognized private school, Regis University; both for her undergraduate studies in business administration, and her advanced secondary degree in clinical mental health counseling. Additionally, Megan holds advanced clinical skills in providing trauma-informed care and treatment. She holds a certificate in CCTP (Certificated Clinical Trauma Provider) and uses this training in her everyday approach by using a trauma-informed lens. She specializes and has been trained in emotionally focused training which helps narrow in on present feelings and emotions. These emotions drive your current and historical behaviors, both positively and perhaps your own definition of negative/problematic experiences. She will assist you to see how this happens and how we can change those behaviors for a better quality of life, both in the present but also for long term success in your future.

Megan aims to empower you to seek ambition in life; to take hold of the skills and strengths that drive you to push through another day. You may not realize or give credit to the ways in which you power through each day, waking to do it all again yet once more. Megan will focus on the ability and skills that you inherently possess to do so. For;

“Ambition is the inner force that drives you through hard work and obstacles towards ultimate success. If you have enough ambition, you take the initiative to aim for what you want and take the steps needed to get it. What if you lack ambition, though? Good things rarely come without intention and effort. With no ambition, you may never have anything worth having”(Strauss, 2017).

Megan works with you in a person-centered and strength-based approach; providing a warm and inviting atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and support. Megan will focus on your current path, including where you are today and help to lead you to where you want to be. For she believes that you have the answers, the power, strength, and wherewithal to achieve your goals and ambitions and she will help guide you, empowering you to take initiative to see the changes you want to see in life.

She will encourage you to see the good in each day, each struggle, and each obstacle you face; assisting you in striving for increased skills use, obtaining new direction and furthermore finding additional resources to encourage your personal growth. Megan does not come into session with a rigid approach, having a pre-determined agenda; rather, she prefers to meet you in your present state, addressing first your needs and looking at your present feelings and emotional state. That will then determine an appropriate path per session. She feels this is the most empowering, supportive, and nurturing method for you to grow in your rapport with her, and to ultimately find success in the counseling relationship.

If you are looking for unconditional positive regard, a place free of judgement, and an open forum to talk in a relaxed and welcoming way; Megan may be well suited to meet your needs.

Please reach out today and let’s begin this impactful journey together! You can contact me directly at 720-923-2322, email me, or schedule an appointment by clicking “Request Appointment” under the schedule now tab of the website.

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