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New Year’s Resolutions – Yay or Nay? Healthy or Unhealthy – What Do You Think?

For some, Christmas morning, can be full of joy, wonder, and simplicity. I know we don’t all have it so easy, right? But at some point, in our lives, be it as children, young adults, or now; didn’t we all sometime feel so giddy and carefree before the worries, anxiety, depression, etc. started? What happened

What to Expect in an Initial Therapy Session

Photo by youssef naddam on Unsplash It is very natural to fear the unknown. Our media represents counseling and other forms of therapy in all sorts of different ways. Most often these representations could not be further from the truth. This blog post serves to provide an outline of what to expect from a counselor during your first

Accept, Change, Eliminate

ACE – Accept, Change or Eliminate?

Accept, Change or Eliminate Deciding how to approach challenges or issues we face in our life can sometimes leaves us stuck in the problem.  “What should I do?”  “How should I handle this?”  “I don’t even know where to start.”   These are questions/statements that many of us tell ourselves when we are confused and faced

Self-Harm in Children

In today’s society, it is really hard growing up. Our children today, have to compete against not only everyone in their school, but now with social media the way it is, they also need to compete with every other child all over the country on these platforms. Ugh! What pressure it is to look like

An Affair in the Relationship

When working with couples, one of the most common occurrences for seeking counseling is that an affair has happened. Counseling can offer the couple a way to recover from this event and seeking support from a neutral party can help both people feel understood and supported. Repairing the relationship after an affair can take a

Bringing Home Baby

When I was expecting my first child last summer, I did all the typical preparing most parents would do. I read books, had an app on my phone to tell me how my baby was developing, documented the progress of my growing belly, took my prenatal vitamins, ate healthy, exercised, put the baby’s room together,

Family Time: How to peacefully spend time with your family

It’s summer and a lot of us are spending time with family at BBQ’s, reunions, summer vacations, and for holidays. Let’s be honest. There’s at least one family member that drives us crazy! They may have beliefs we don’t agree with, they may want to talk about topics we don’t have any interest in, or

Amazing Date Night Ideas

Amazing ideas for couples to do on date night   I am constantly hearing from the couples I counsel that they need more creative things to do on their dates. That they end up talking about and discussing work, kids and even their problems on dates due to not having something to do…So, I put

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is important to your relationship. It is easier correcting common issues that you have now rather than waiting until you both are frustrated and fed up.

Setting Boundaries

Tips for setting boundaries   Setting boundaries can be a hard task to do. Especially when you have lacked or had loose boundaries with others. Have you ever felt mistreated when someone crossed the line with you? Do you feel at a loss when it comes to telling people “no?” Boundary setting can be one of

Relationship Check Up

  When is the last time you had a checkup with your doctor? The dentist?  How about a checkup for your relationship? National Marriage Week (February 7-14) is the perfect time to check on the health of your relationship and reconnect with your significant other.  The Prepare/Enrich program has helped over three million couples strengthen

October, National Bullying Prevention Month

Did you know that October has been designated National Bullying Prevention Month?  Now is the time to talk with your child about bullying and behaviors she or he might be experiencing or witnessing.  Bullying can be physical, emotional, verbal, in person, online, even via texting.  Rather than asking how their day was when they come

Do You Communicate Effectively? Part 2

Do You Communicate Effectively? Part 2   In part one we went over the seven blocks to listening. Realizing which of them we need to work on will help to enable better communication and we can move on to learning what effective listening entails.   Step one is Active Listening. This means that you need

Do You Communicate Effectively? Part 1

Do You Communicate Effectively? Part 1   When it comes to communication, there are several components involved within it.  We often times think that we know how to communicate but a good question to ask is, “are we communicating effectively?” In the next couple blogs, I am going to go over blocks to listening, how

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