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Cyber Bullying, What You Need to Know

Cyber Bullying New technologies, such as cell phones, social networking sites, and instant messaging have been embraced by pre teens, teens, and young adults at a rapid pace. These technologies can be used for good use such as staying in contact with friends and family, as well as providing entertainment and news. However, some technological

Bullying: In the Classroom and In the Workplace

Unfortunately, bullying can happen in more than schools, and impacts both children and adults. Bullying is often about an imbalance of power; one individual or group has more power while the targeted person often has far less. And in both children and adults, bullying often takes the shape of threats, aggressive behavior, exclusion, spreading rumors,

October, National Bullying Prevention Month

Did you know that October has been designated National Bullying Prevention Month?  Now is the time to talk with your child about bullying and behaviors she or he might be experiencing or witnessing.  Bullying can be physical, emotional, verbal, in person, online, even via texting.  Rather than asking how their day was when they come

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