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Respect Yourself – Try a Little Tenderness This New Year!

Lose weight, drink less alcohol, consume less sugar, eat healthier, work out more – popular New Year’s resolutions tend to be about physical health. The western drive to be thinner, “healthier” (and trust me I’ve tried all the fad exercises and meal plans), and younger are inevitably the reason for the booming makeup industry, globally

Freaked Out? Seven Ways to Handle Holiday Stress!

While the holidays are encroaching, this can be a time filled with joy…… and with stress, due to all the things to do, people to please, and activities.  It is a time where our self-care can easily get pushed aside or become virtually not existent. Which can leave us with an overwhelming list of New

Only One You

Numerous people come to therapy or life coaching to work on their elusive “self-esteem.” I’ve been asked by clients, why is my self-esteem so low when I didn’t have a bad childhood? What does self-love really mean? In a TED talk by Niko Everett, she explains the simplicity of self-esteem. According to her, our self-esteem

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